Fast Withdraw bridge
You can instantly withdraw the following tokens from zksync to ETH L1 through our Fast Withdraw bridge:
  • ETH
  • FRAX
  • UST
Fees are deducted from the amount before sending on L1. The bridge fee is the current L1 gas fee * 1,5.
The bridge is available on both mainnet and the Rinkeby testnet. To use the bridge, send your supported token to the following address:
  • 0xcc9557f04633d82fb6a1741dcec96986cd8689ae
Please wait ~1 minute for the next block to mine on Ethereum mainnet and you will receive your L1 tokens. Fast withdraw bridge liquidity can be found here:


  • Only send supported tokens. Unsupported tokens may not return funds properly.
  • This is a one way bridge. DO NOT send your tokens to our bridge address on L1.
  • If you send a greater value than the bridge can handle, you will be refunded your transaction.
  • Amounts that are too small and don't cover gas and bridge fee will be refunded.
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