Gitcoin donator airdrop

Back in December 2021, ZigZag opened a grant during the last days of Gitcoin's Grant Round 12. Unbelievable but true, ZigZag won GR12 within the last days with a whopping 14k donators and $166k received in contributions. ZigZag even got a mention from Vitalik Buterin. ZigZag had the most contributors and total contributions than any other project. Additionally ZigZag received matching funds from Gitcoin. Thanks to the donators ZigZag was able to continue funding development. Visit the grant page here:

ZigZag has airdropped those who donated through Gitcoin to ZigZag grant's address 0x9B67d3067fA606BE28E56C1aB184725c07b7B221 on zkSync, Polygon and Ethereum with:

  • 2 ZZ for every USD donated

    • with a minimum of 3 USD

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