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Arbitrum order book re-launch with new UI

Airdrops distributed

Bitcoin Lightning DEX

Airdrop for market maker bots

Risks of CEXs

zkSync 2.0 and ZigZag's future

Introduction on ZigZag's Managed Liquidity Pools

ZigZag comparison with other DEXes

Update on ZigZag DAO

ZigZag token and use case

Arbitrum launch

New UI release

Introducing InvisibL3, a privacy DEX

Introducing ZigZag's token

Mascot competition winners

$50k Mascot competition

8th largest dApp with unique users

ZigZag's vision

New Year progress update

Arweave bridge

Christmas charity donations

Trial version Fast Withdraw bridge on zkSync 1.0 mainnet

Fast withdrawals on zkSync 1.0 Rinkeby

Asking the community which feature to launch first

Winning Gitcoin's GR12

Matching engine live on StarkNet

Developer update

Guide how to use ZigZag

Developer update with new features

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