What is Zap?

Zap is a native asset bridge that increases interoperability between non-EVM compatible blockchains. Zap's vision is to make cross-chain liquidity transfers a seamless, fast and single transaction process that is more affordable than leading centralised exchanges.

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How is Zap used?

DeFi users can swap a blockchain's native token cross-chain on Zap with a single transaction. For example, a user can swap ETH from Ethereum straight to BTC on Bitcoin network or ETH from Ethereum to SOL on Solana. These cross-chain swaps will soon be supported by liquidity pools, opening up new APY opportunities.

Why is Zap different?

Zap is the first bridge to offer native swaps between non-EVM blockchains to increase interoperability and liquidity between Layer 1 Blockchains.

Instant guaranteed finality

Users and applications can trust that when they successfully commit a transaction on the source chain, it will arrive on the destination chain.

Native assets

Users are able to immediately swap native assets, as opposed to wrapped assets that require additional swaps to acquire the desired asset and corresponding fees.

Speed, affordability & self-custody

By utilising blockchain-independent liquidity pools Zap is able to charge only 0.1% in fees per swap without withdrawal fees, and allow users to remain in control of their private keys. The hyper-efficient contracts keep gas fees low while completing transactions as fast as possible.

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