List new pair guide
Listing a new pair on ZigZag requires for the token to exist on zkSync. You can check if your token exists on zkSync if it appears in this list: If it does not, continue reading. If it does, please skip ahead to "List your pair on ZigZag".

List your token on zkSync

Click "Add New Token" and pay a 500 DAI fee (from Ethereum mainnet) to get your token listed in a permissionless way. Wait a few minutes for the token to appear in the list.

List your pair on ZigZag

If your token does exist on zkSync and has an Internal ID, continue to First, purchase an Arweave allocation for 0.5 USDC.
Then fill in the form:
  • Enter the Internal ID's found on
  • Set in the swap fee as close to $1 as possible
  • Decide on how many decimals you want the price of the pair to appear in (ex: $1.000710 DAI/USDC = '6' decimals
  • If applicable, change the network to Rinkeby
For your pair to be functional for trading, head to to run a liquidity node.
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