Arweave bridge
You can access Arweave storage at a rate of $1/MB by paying directly on zkSync. Instructions on how to use our Arweave bridge can be found here:

Why did we build an Arweave bridge?

The original Ethereum vision had a component called Swarm that was supposed to be a decentralized storage layer for dApps to use. It got too complicated to include it, so it was canned. Fast forward 6 years, and we still don't have a great way for users on Ethereum to access file storage. Filecoin works, but frankly Arweave has a better architecture and is more mature. At the moment, neither of these networks allows you to pay directly from L2s.
In order to implement permissionless listing, users need to store pair metadata in a publicly accessible space with guarantees that the data won't disappear. Forcing users to obtain $AR to list a token seemed clunky, so we built a bridge. You can pay directly on zkSync with USDC, USDT, or DAI and send data for permanent storage on Arweave.
As a bonus, we realized that this could serve as a decentralized file storage layer for L2s, so we decided to open source the code and spin it off as a separate project. Our NFT marketplace in the future will be using this service. OpenSea and other services use IPFS, but it's a clunky system, and very often content goes missing or is inaccessible because of network topology issues.
We think Arweave has the potential to become the filesystem for Ethereum dapps and we want to help make it happen. We're going to extend this bridge to Starknet and whichever other chains we build on.
Our service currently offers storage at a rate of $1/MB. Listing a pair will consume ~1kB, so it shouldn't cost you more than $0.01 to pay data fees to list a pair. We will re-price the storage as necessary in the future to make listing NFTs cheap as well.
Users probably won't even notice they are interacting with this service. This is mostly for dApps to give an easy way to allow users to pay for their own storage.
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